Experience natural aromatic of three kinds of orange

Nursery Cleansing balm OR

5 in 1
Makeup Remover, Face Wash, Aroma Massage, Face Pack, and Skin Care

Nursery Cleansing balm OR
Orange 91.5g
Price JPY 1,800 (tax out)

(N.B.)Due to the product made by natural ingredients,so the smell and consistency may be different,it is not the quality probelm of the product.
Nursery product is not edible.Please attention especially for children.

5 in 1

87% Natural Ingredients

Just like beauty essence, remover makeup,
Aroma massage & Skin Pack as well.
Lead your skin supple & hydrated.
87% Natural Ingredients

Melting Texture

Smoothly melting on skin by spreading Nursery balm.
Remover make-up deeply and gently

Free from synthetic fragrances, colors and dyes

As our products are used directly to the skin.
We guarantee no use of artificial color nor essence. All nature.

>>> Usage

No more cleansing.Please keep your skin in dry when you use it.

As Cleansing balm

Apply a small amount and gently massage over dry face. Rinse thoroughly with water.

As Massage Balm and Face Pack Balm

Apply a small amount and gently massage over dry face after removing makeup. Rinse thoroughly with water.

(N.B.)Do not use with the water.