Exclusive synthetic fragrances, colors and dyes.

Refresh & Relax your skin with
natural fragrance and natural color.
Natural fruits fragrance / color
provide a natural skin care.

2 in 1 Gentle cleansing gel effectively removes point make up.

Open a new period for cleansing gel which looks like jelly.
Lift mascara, sunscreen, and foundation up,
clean makeup deeply from your skin.

Makes your skin toned.

Not only remove make-up, but also condition your skin.
Nursery Cleansing gel is new type cleansing gel.

Experience natural aromatic.

Ikuyo Kasuka, who has International Esthetician License,
created this cosmetic.
Get high reputations from Pros and others.

Experience rich skin care

Big Volume for 100 time use,
give you best experience in make-up remove & skin care.
Massage is the best way for
Nursery using, Please enjoy it.